Modular dissociation

Welcome to our recent research on brain connectivity:

 The functional brain favours segregated modular connectivity at old age unless targeted by neurodegeneration 

by Peraza LR, O'Brien JT, Blamire A, Kaiser M and Taylor J-P.

This manuscript is currently under review, but here we are providing custom software, data sharing and links to increase reproducibility of our results.  A tutorial is available at

Software and algorithms

The following table shows all software used in this investigation and links are provided. With the exception of Matlab, all tools are free and the Matlab toolboxes are free and open source.

Connectivity matrices

The connectivity matrices from the NKI database are now stored in Figshare: 

This repository comprises all raw matrices from the NKI, MNI coordinates, functional atlases and participant codes. Please refer to the PDF describing the variable content.

Tutorial for modular dissociation estimation

We have prepared the GitHub tutorial with Matlab code and instructions about how to estimate MD, and use the data repository from Figshare: